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Information on how to find full listings of what's showing at the movies today in Zürich, and where to find your nearest cinema...

Comprehensive listings of all movies showing in the cantons of Zürich, Basel, Berne, Lucerne and Zug can be found in English on Cineman and in German on Kitag.

Movies shown in their original language are listed as being in O (Originalsprache). Films that are shown in English are listed either with O or with E beside it. If the film is in English with German and French subtitles it will be listed as E/d/f. Cinema programmes may also have the words Grossbuchstabe (spoken language in the film) and Kleinbuchstabe (subtitles) with the appropriate language(s) listed besides them.

Often a film with be shown in a different language at different times of the day. Check with the cinema programme.

Be aware that a movie may be listed as "O" but the original language is something other than English - it is always a good idea to check the film's language with the Internet Movie Database, a complete resource where you can also find out more about the film, it's director, the actors and even read reviews and see what awards have been won.

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Information from cineman.ch
For the Internet Movie Database: Click here

Cinema Discount Cards

The Ciné Card is a card that can be bought, which allows reduced tickets prices to all screenings at cinemas in Zürich, Berne, Basel, St-Gallen and Lucerne. It is valid for one year. The card is sold at the participating cinemas and some other outlets (see the website for details); take a recent passport-sized identity photograph when buying the card.

  • For information on the participating cinemas: Click here (in German)