Business and Tax Issues

What to do with your business when leaving Switzerland...


A Swiss bank account should be kept open for a short period to settle final bills.

As cheques are seldom used in Switzerland, bills have probably been paid electronically. Remember to cancel direct debits and any e-banking facilities which may have been set up.

Ideally, accounts should be closed in person, but many banks will allow accounts to be closed in writing or even online. Check with the bank.

Credit card companies will also need to be notified of a new address for statements.


The Swiss tax authorities are automatically notified of a change of address by the resident's registration office. There is no need to contact them with details.

However, if there are income tax liabilities then these should be paid to the Administration Fiscale Cantonale.

For many foreign workers not in possession of a permanent residence permit, all taxes (federal, cantonal and municipal) will have been deducted from their pay by their employer. Therefore, there is no further liability on departure.

For more detailed information, contact the Swiss Federal Tax Administration.