Motorway Tax - The Vignette

If you're planning on using the Swiss motorways you will need to pay a fee. Understand who needs to pay the vignette, and how much it costs...

Any vehicle (including motorcycles) and trailer up to 3.5 tonnes using the motorway (roads marked by green signs) must pay a motorway tax.

To show that the tax has been paid, a sticker (vignette routièere) must be displayed in the windscreen. This is valid for one year (1 January to 31 December) and can be bought at post offices, service stations, automobile associations, railway stations and border crossings.

Failure to display the vignette when driving on an autoroute will result in a fine plus the cost of the vignette.

The vignette for a car costs CHF 40 (correct 2021) and must be bought for the same price regardless of how long the vehicle will be in Switzerland (a day or a year).