Activities and Entertainment for Toddlers

Find out about playgrounds, parks, and child safety in Taiwan...

Play Parks

A shortage of open space means that there are not many children’s play parks in Taiwan. There are few play parks outside the main cities. There are many small local parks which are well equipped with sand pits and most standard playground equipment. However, the safety of park equipment is very variable.

Child Safety

There are a number of snakes and insects in Taiwan that parents and their children should be aware of. It is advisable to familiarise children with insects that bite and snakes that are considered venomous, and teach them not to play with or touch them.

  • For a list and description of poisonous snakes in Taiwan: Click here

Not all cleaning products and chemicals that may be considered dangerous have special safety packaging, so keep all products out of the reach of children.

It is recommended to keep a list of emergency numbers, with contacts to Engluish-speaking doctors and hospitals close at hand.