Rock Climbing and Mountaineering

Information about rock climbing and mountaineering in Taiwan, where to go and the permits that may be required...

Rock Climbing

Taiwan has plenty to offer keen rock climbers and mountaineers. Long Dong, in the north of Taiwan, is the country’s premier rock climbing destination; it is about an hour from Taipei. It is an extensive sandstone cliff offering around 500 sport and traditional climbing routes. Being by the sea, it is also a popular deep-water solo climbing location. The cliffs are up to 70m high and there are routes suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers. Numerous climbing guide services operate in the area.

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Other popular destinations include Big Cannon Cliff at Yangming Mountain in Taipei, an area of small volcanic cliffs suitable for bouldering and top roping, and GuanziLing, a sport climbing area in Tainan. There are also numerous indoor climbing walls offering both lead climbing and bouldering around the country.

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Mountaineering is very popular in Taiwan; climbing all of the listed mountains over 3,000m on the island is a much sought-after objective for many Taiwanese; there are over 100 listed. The most popular peak is the 3,952m Mount Yushan or Mount Jade, the country’s highest summit. The mountain is made up of 11 separate rocky peaks offering numerous mountaineering challenges. The best time to climb Mount Yushan is from October to December, during the dry season; the upper slopes of the mountain are usually under deep snow from January until March. Other popular peaks in the range include Mount Siouguluan, Mount Guan and Mount Sinkang.

There are many local mountaineering clubs in Taiwan, which are a great way to meet like-minded people and to find out about areas to visit. The Chinese Taipei Alpine Association has some information on mountaineering on the island.

Mountaineering permits

Many peaks in Taiwan are in restricted mountain areas. To climb in these areas foreigners are required to get an entrance permit; these are available from local police stations.

To apply for a permit an application form needs to be submitted to the foreign affairs department at a local police station or the police team in a national park. The following documents are needed to support the application:

  • A passport, visa or alien resident card
  • Certification of the reason for going to the mountains

A fee must also be paid.