Registering a Marriage in Taiwan

Find out about the procedure required to register a marriage in Taiwan in order for it to be valid...

Marriages should be registered at a local HHR office; this should be done at the office at which either the bride or groom is registered. If neither of them is registered, the couple may choose an office. People should register at an HHR on the day of their marriage, or should they wish to marry on a public holiday, they should make a reservation to register the marriage in advance. The couple should visit the office together; the following documents are needed:

  • Passports
  • Alien Registration Cards
  • A written marriage agreement signed by two adult witnesses. Sample marriage agreements can be downloaded from the Internet. To download a sample form: Click here (scroll down to the bottom of the page)
  • Passport-style photographs taken no earlier than one year previously
  • For foreigners, written proof that they are single and that there is no impediment to them marrying. The document must have been authenticated by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is valid for six months from the date of issue
  • For foreigners, a valid declaration of adoption of a Chinese name

Any documents not in Chinese need to be translated and authenticated.

Celebrating a Marriage

Many couples in Taiwan hold a ceremony and celebrations with family and friends when they marry. Most people celebrate before registering their marriage. Many people celebrate at home or in hotels or restaurants.

Christian church weddings are possible if one of the couple intending to marry is Christian. The ceremony is conducted by a pastor or priest. Buddhist weddings, where the marriage is witnessed by a Buddhist Master, are possible in Taiwan. The ceremony follows Buddhist rituals and customs and the wedding banquet, if held, is vegetarian; both meat and wine are prohibited.

Group weddings are common in Taiwan. They often take place in a public arena or sports stadium and can be organised by the local government or a designated corporation. The weddings are witnessed by a local official or celebrity. These weddings tend to be very lively.

Further Information

  • American Institute in Taiwan page on marriage and divorce: Click here