Private and International Schools in Taiwan

Information about private and international schools for foreign students in Taiwan...

There are both private, fee-paying and public state-funded schools in Taiwan. While there are very few private elementary and junior high schools, the number increases markedly at the senior high level. Almost half of all senior secondary level schools in the country are private; this applies to both academic and vocational schools. Traditionally, parents have preferred public schools. Private senior high schools have been seen as providing another option for children who did not do well enough in the examinations at the end of junior high school to get into a good public school. Over half of the higher education establishments in Taiwan are private.

About half of all pre-school education providers are private. The government funds two years of state funded pre-school, which is not compulsory, for low-income families. Parents who do not qualify for a free place can choose to pay for their child to attend one of these kindergartens. There is also the option to pay for a private kindergarten, many of which offer a range of accelerated courses to compete with the public schools. There are also an increasing number of private English immersion pre-schools, where the entire curriculum is taught in English by English-speaking teachers.

Education for Foreigners

International education is being promoted in Taiwan and students from any culture can undertake compulsory education at elementary and junior high schools. Some schools in the Taipei area offer special lessons in Mandarin Chinese.

Within the education system, students without Chinese nationality or overseas Chinese identification are classed as foreigners. Foreign parents wanting to enrol their child should make an application to the school of their choice and submit all of the requested documentation. Successful applicants will receive a letter of admission. Foreign children who are already legally resident in Taiwan can attend an elementary school or junior high school close to their home.

Many foreigners living in Taiwan decide to have their children attend a private international school designed to cater for the needs of foreign residents. There are 20 international schools in Taiwan offering education following British, American and other European curricula.