Students and Visas in Taiwan

Find out about the visas required to study in Tawan and how to make an application to study in the country...

Any student who is not a national of the Republic of China is considered to be a foreign student. To study in the country people should make an application to the school of their choice and submit all of the documents requested. Each college and university has its own rules, admissions procedures and qualifications. Scholarships are available to allow foreign students to pursue degree courses in Taiwan.

  • For information on scholarships for undergraduate study: Click here

Young people wishing to study in Taiwan need to apply for a resident’s visa and Alien Resident Card.

Applications should be made at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or at a consulate or a Taiwan Representative office in the applicant’s home country. To apply, an application form must be completed and submitted along with the following documents:

  • A passport which is valid for a minimum of six months
  • Two colour, passport-style photographs, taken in the previous six months
  • Supporting documents or official approval letters from an employer or place of study in Taiwan
  • Any other relevant documents
  • For more information on residency in Taiwan see the Guide on Residency in Taiwan