Emergency Numbers

Numbers for police, ambulance, fire and rescue services: who to call and what to say in an emergency...

Find out who to call in an emergency: numbers for the police, ambulance, fire and coast guard services, plus helplines in Taiwan...

Emergency Services

Police Tel: 110
Fire and Ambulance Tel: 119
Coast Guard Tel: 118

Note: Emergency number 112 can be used from mobile networks.

Useful Numbers

Community Services Centre Tel: 0800 024 111
Directory Enquiries (in English) Tel: 106
Overseas Operator Tel: 100
Foreign Affairs Police (English-speaking) Tel: 02 2556 6007
Traffic Information Tel: 168
Weather Forecast Tel: 166
Travel Information Hotline (24-hour) Tel: 0800 011 765
Tourist Information Hotline Tel: 02 2717 3737
Time Tel: 117
Taipei City Government Hotline Tel: 1999