Accessibility in Taipei

Find out about getting around by bus for people with disabilities, parking cards and disability subsidies...

In Taipei there are special transport services for people with disabilities, known as Rehabilitation Buses.

These buses are for people with disabilities who live in the Greater Taipei Region: Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung City. There are 29 operation centres altogether. The centres are divided into two groups with two booking hotlines.

The first is for 16 centres in the following districts: Zhonghe Dist, Yonghe Dist, Shulin Dist, Tucheng Dist, Xindian Dist, Xizhi Dist, Yingge Township, Sanxia Township, Ruifang Township, Shenkeng Township, Shiding Township, Pinglin Township, Pingxi Township, Shuangxi Township, Gongliao Township and Wulai Township.

  • Reservations Tel: 02 2913 5777

The second is for the following 13 locations: Banqiao, Sanchong, Xinzhuang, Luzhou, Tamsui Township, Taishan Township, Wugu Township, Linkou Township, Bali Township, Sanzhi Township, Shimen Township, Jinshan Township and Wanli Township.

  • Reservations Tel: 02 2708 3200

The service is available Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 19:00, on Sundays from 08:00 to 13:00 and is closed on national holidays. A person with a disability should show their valid "Physical and Mental Disability Handbook".

  • For further information about these bus services: Click here


Most Taipei metro stations have elevators and wheelchairs available for use by disabled passengers. In addition, special ticket gates for the disabled, wheelchair accessible ticket vending machines, waiting areas for wheelchair passengers, tactile guide paths for the visually impaired, toilet facilities for disabled and elderly passengers, and payphones for the disabled or wheelchair passengers are available at every station. If extra assistance is required, for example in the processing of tickets for senior citizens, disabled, and disabled escort cardholders, passengers should contact the customer service centre at the station.

Accessible Restaurants' Guide

The guide is available as an e-book or in print and applies to restaurants in Taipei and New Taipei. Currently, 55 accessible restaurants in metropolitan Taipei are listed. The programme will extend to hotels and hospitals in the future.

The e-book is presently only available in Chinese and can be downloaded for free. A bilingual guide is planned.


Parking spaces for people with disabilities are widely available in metropolitan Taipei and are clearly marked in blue with a white wheelchair sign. A valid Disabled Parking ID Card must be displayed on the windscreen. Unauthorised parking in disabled spaces is strictly prohibited and anyone who does so can be fined.

Residents of metropolitan Taipei can apply for a Disabled Parking ID Card at one of the following places:

  • Division of Welfare Services for the Disabled
  • Taipei City Government
  • Social Welfare Department, New Taipei City Government

A Disabled Parking ID Card is valid for a maximum of five years and must be renewed at least one month prior to the expiry date.

Disability Subsidy

Residents of metropolitan Taipei can apply for a disability subsidy in the following situations:

  • They have a disability and cannot find a job
  • Their disability renders them unable to work
  • They have a child with a disability

The application must be made at the District Office of their registered residence. The amount allocated varies according to the nature of the disability. To get the subsidy, an applicant must meet incapacity qualifications as well as the following conditions:

  • Be a resident in metropolitan Taipei
  • Be unable to work or unable to pursue a professional activity
  • Have a valid Disability Card

Applying for a Disability Card

A Disability Assessment Form is available from the District Office of the applicant's registered residence in metropolitan Taipei.

A qualified doctor must complete the part of the form relevant to evaluating the symptoms and ascertaining the level of disability.

Once it is completed, the form must be handed in to the District Office of the applicant's registered residence in metropolitan Taipei along with proof of identity. Once an application is approved, a Disability Card is issued. Further information is available from the Division of Welfare Services for the Disabled, Taipei City Government.