Maternity Leave

Find out about maternity and paternity leave in Taiwan...

In Taiwan women are entitled to a total of eight weeks of maternity leave; it can be taken before or after the birth. The leave is on full pay provided the women has been employed by the company for a minimum of six months; otherwise a woman is entitled to maternity leave at half pay. Employers are entitled to ask for documentary evidence when a female employee informs them they are pregnant.

Women who have a miscarriage between two and three months of pregnancy are entitled to one week of leave; five days leave is allowed for earlier miscarriages. Employers can decide how much pay to award during such leave.

Men are entitled to three days of paid paternity leave when their wife gives birth. Both parents, if they have worked for their employer for at least a year and have a child under the age of three, are entitled to parental leave. Parental leave is a maximum of two years of unpaid leave. Parents can apply for parental leave allowance through their employment insurance; this entitles them to an allowance of 60 percent of the insured person's average monthly salary in the six months preceding the leave. This allowance can be paid for up to six months.