Support Groups in Taipei

Information on the various support organisations in Taipei that address substance abuse and recovery, health or medical conditions, women’s and children’s problems, and provide support to newcomers...

Note: While they may have English-speaking staff and volunteers, some groups may not have adequate English-speaking personnel at all times or in the support groups. Contact the group directly for more information.

Newcomers Support

Community Services Centre: Provides support, advice and information to newcomers in Taiwan. It offers a counselling service for the international community, a newcomer's orientation programme and cross-cultural training for the workplace.

  • Community Services Centre
    : 25, Lane 290 Zhong Shan North Road, Sec. 6,Taipei
    Tel: 02 2836 8134 / 02 2838 4947
    Fax: 02 2835 2530

Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous: Meetings are held regularly in Taipei for alcoholics, following the twelve-step programme. English-speakers with other addiction issues are also welcome to attend AA meetings.

  • For a list of English-speaking meetings: Click here

HIV-AIDS Support

Taiwan AIDS Society: Aims to increase awareness and provide sexual education.

  • Taiwan AIDS Society
    At: 1 Changde Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10048
    Tel: 02 2361 6136 / 02 2312 3456 Ext. 66575
    Fax: 02 2370 7772

Taiwan Aids Foundation: Provides education support for those seeking HIV/AIDS-related information. The foundation has programmes to increase awareness and promotes AIDS prevention.

Note: The Department of Health currently deports foreigners who are HIV positive.

Health Support

Hope Foundation for Cancer Care: Group of medical professionals, cancer patients and their families whose aim is to improve cancer care in Taiwan. It provides information, support and patient services.

  • Hope Foundation for Cancer Care (Head Office)
    : 5F, No.46, Sec. 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100
    Tel: 02 3322 6287
    Fax: 02 3322 1719
    Northern Service Centre
    : No.5 1, Lane 3, Linyi Street, Jhongjheng District, Taipei City 100
    Tel: 02 3322 6286

Mental Health Association Taiwan: Provides mental health services and works towards the prevention of mental illness in Taiwan.

Family Support

Christian Salvation Service: Provides crisis counselling, prenatal and postnatal care, assistance with temporary shelter and ongoing counselling and support for women and children.

The Red Cross Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan): Humanitarian organisation providing first aid and emergency treatment courses.

Taipei City Center for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: Provides assistance, counselling and support to victims of domestic physical or mental violence.