Moving House

Essential tasks to carry out before moving house in Taiwan, from letting relevant authorities know of your change of address to arranging mail forwarding…

Residence Permit

Residence permits must be updated when moving house in Taiwan to record the change of address. This can be done at the National Immigration Agency (NIA) service centre in which the initial registration was made. If moving to a new area the local NIA service centre in the new region must also be informed. This should be done for all family members within 15 days of the move or a fine may be imposed.

Documents needed are as follows:

  • Passport
  • Alien Resident Card (ARC)
  • Proof of new address – rental contract, household certificate or utility bill

Rented Accommodation

The landlord of a rental property should be informed of the intention to leave within the time agreed in the terms of the lease contract. In order for the security deposit to be returned the property should be left in the same condition as it was initially found and there should be no outstanding bills.

Tenants wishing to finish their rental agreement early should give their landlord thirty days' notice of their intention to leave; a penalty of one month's rent will need to be paid.


Before moving all utility providers (electricity, gas, water and telephone) should be informed of the move so that services can be stopped.


On moving home people should register with a local branch of Taiwan Water Corporation in their new area.

Residents of Taipei City should contact the Taipei Water Department. It has a customer services department at the headquarters as well as five local offices.

  • For contact details for the headquarters of the Taipei Water Department and the local offices: Click here


Upon moving into a new rented property the local electricity provider should be contacted. The electricity supplier is the Taiwan Power Company (TPC), also known as Taipower, and connection can be arranged at one of their service centres.

To arrange for services to be disconnected or transferred to a new name a completed application form and proof of payment of the previous bill (bill receipt) should be taken to a TPC service centre. If the bill is paid by direct debit, written notification of the termination of payment should be given to the bank or post office involved, who then informs TPC.

  • For a list of service centres: Click here (Select "Electricity Service". The list is at the bottom of the page)
  • To download the application form: Click here (PDF)


The local gas provider should be notified of the intention to move. There are a number of suppliers of mains gas in Taiwan, including the following:

Those living in an area which depends on bottled gas for cooking can arrange or cancel bottle delivery with the local supplier.


The main provider of landline telephone, mobile, Internet and broadband services in Taiwan is Chunghwa Telecom. The provider should be notified that telephone services are no longer required when moving home. Where a telephone number is changed due to a move, a message must be recorded informing callers to the old number of the change.

All mobile phone providers should also be informed of the change of address when moving.

Banks and Insurance

All banks at which accounts are held need to be given new address details when moving house. The local branch should be visited with identification and proof of the new address.

All insurance providers, for example home insurance, medical insurance and car insurance providers should also be given the new address.


Chunghwa POST provide services for mail to be redirected, if the new address is in a different delivery area, or redelivered, if the new address is within the same delivery area. To apply for the service, a signed application form must be handed in to the local mail delivery office.

For further information about mail forwarding services within the country, see the Chunghwa POST website.

Driving Licence

Taiwan driving licences must be updatedwith the new address when moving house within the country. This can be done at a local Motor Vehicle Office in the new area.

  • To find the nearest Motor Vehicle Office: Click here


Inform the child's current school and the chosen school in the new location well in advance of the move. Request any necessary documents, certificates and transcripts, which may be necessary for enrolment in a new school. Procedures for giving out transcripts may vary from school to school and some schools may only send transcripts to the school itself.