Electricity and Gas

Find out how to get connected to electricity and gas suppliers in Taiwan...

The electricity supplier is the Taiwan Power Company (TPC), also known as Taipower, and connection can be arranged at one of their service centres. To make an application a form must be filled in, and an indoor wires diagram and a usage licence or certificate approved by the building's authorities must also be provided for all new applications.

If the electricity supply is already connected, but the new tenant/owner wishes to transfer the contract in their name, then proof of payment of the previous bill (bill receipt) and a completed application form are all that are required.

  • To download the application form: Click here (PDF)

Bills, which are sent every two months, can be paid by direct debit, mail, at post offices or banks, online, by telephone and at some local convenience stores; these include Family Mart, 7-Eleven, OK, Niko Mart, Hi-Life, SJ Express and Everyday. Bills can also be paid directly by visiting one of the corporation's service centres. Once a bill is paid, the payee receives a bill receipt.


Household gas in Taiwan is supplied either by mains gas, or pressurised containers. There are a number of suppliers of mains gas in Taiwan, which include the following:

Smaller apartments may not have a gas supply, in which case bottled gas can be ordered from local suppliers; they will also remove empty canisters.