Furniture, Hardware and Office Supplies in Taiwan

A guide to shopping in Taiwan; information on supermarkets, department stores and where to shop for furniture, office supplies, electrical appliances and DIY goods...

Below is a guide to where to shop in Taiwan for food and most everyday essentials. Many shops are open for more than 12 hours a day, usually between 10:00 and 22:00. Many stores are open longer at weekends, at Chinese New Year and during holidays. Some convenience stores, large chain pharmacies and bookstores are open 24 hours a day. Many large department stores are open 365 days a year.

As well as the many large shopping centres and department stores on the island there are also many individual shopping districts, each with their own character and specialising in local produce. Bargaining does still occur in Taiwan, though only in certain locations such as roadside stalls and in the night markets.

Note: most websites below are in Chinese only.


Most cities and many towns have a choice of major supermarkets and hypermarkets selling most things needed for everyday life: groceries, furniture, clothes, gardening equipment and toys.

  • Carrefour: One of the biggest supermarket chains operating in Taiwan. Their stores stock foreign food, though it can be expensive. They have regular promotions and some stores are open 24 hours a day. The stores stock electrical goods, car parts and items for the home, as well as a comprehensive range of food
  • A-mart: Runs a chain of large and small supermarkets in Taiwan. It stocks a range of imported foods. The larger hypermarkets stock a wide range of non-food items
  • Matsusei: A Japanese supermarket chain operating in Taiwan. It sells a range of food, including imported items from Japan, Asia and the United States
  • Wellcome: A Chinese supermarket chain with stores throughout Taiwan. It stocks some imported goods as well as local specialities. Their stores are generally open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • RT-Mart: A Taiwanese supermarket and hypermarket chain. The larger stores stock a wide range of non-food items. There are also a lot of imported goods, including a good range of own-brand products. The stores sell some organic produce and imported alcoholic drinks
  • PXMart : A chain of budget supermarkets, which mostly sells local produce, alongside a few imported items
  • Citysuper: A high end supermarket chain, organising regular promotional events

Department Stores

Department stores are common in Taiwan; most cities have several, they are usually found in the city centre. Many stores are run by Japanese companies and have elevator assistants to guide shoppers and operate the elevators. Most department stores have individual floors dedicated to certain types of products, including clothing, furniture and cosmetics. As well as local brands, most stores stock a wide range of top-end international labels. Many stores have a basement food court or supermarket.

  • Pacific Sogo: The stores stock many famous fashion labels
  • Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi: The largest chain of department stores in Taiwan
  • Far Eastern Department Stores: A major shopping chain. Their new stores mix shopping with restaurants, culture and entertainment. They specialise in luxury brands, fashion and cuisine
  • Pacific: A chain of three department stores selling a wide range of products including clothing, cosmetics and food

Furniture Stores

  • IKEA: Operates four stores in Taiwan. It stocks a wide range of furniture, accessories and appliances for throughout the home. The stores cater for families shopping together offering restaurants, baby care and play areas
  • Beddingworld: Specialises in bedroom furniture and accessories

Electronic and Appliance Stores

  • Tsann Kuen: A chain of computer and home appliance stores found throughout Taiwan, selling everything from telephones and computers to cameras and home entertainment systems

DIY and Hardware Stores

  • B&Q: Stocks tools and everything needed to renovate or maintain a house or garden. Most of the stores are very large and have an extensive choice of products. There are stores around Taipei and Taiwan

Office Supplies and Stationery

  • UB Staples: Sells a comprehensive range of stationery and office furniture and accessories in Taiwan

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