Mobile Telephones in Taiwan

Find out how to get yourself a mobile (cellular) telephone in Taiwan...

The market for telecommunications in Taiwan is competitive. The number of mobile telephones in use now exceeds the number of landline telephones. 2G, 3G, and wireless services are widely available.

Mobile telephone companies offer a range of prices; both monthly and pre-paid plans are available.

The process of applying for a mobile telephone is generally the same for all companies. An application should be made in person at a company’s outlet. The following documents are needed to support an application:

  • Passport - primary identification
  • Alien Resident Card or National Health Insurance Card or driving licence - secondary identification

A guarantor, who is a citizen of the Republic of China (ROC) and over the age of 20, must also be present. They must also have a valid identity card, and either a driving licence or National Health Insurance Card.

Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom offers both 3G and GSM services throughout Taiwan.

To apply for a mobile telephone, go to a Chunghwa Telecom outlet in person. The company offers a number of post-paid mobile plans. The monthly fee depends on the service: the amount of text messages, call time, video and data services. Their pre-paid plan is based on their Ideal Card which has no deposit or monthly fee. The balance on the card is valid for 180 days and can be recharged with a simple phone call.

  • For further information about the Ideal Card: Click here

In the event that a mobile telephone is lost or stolen, contact Chunghwa Telecom.

VIBO Telecom

VIBO Telecom is one of Taiwan’s leading 3G mobile service providers. They have a number of monthly plans, which offer a range of voice and video services. They also have a VIBO one card which is a pre-paid, rechargeable card with no annual contract. VIBO is in partnership with a number of telephone manufacturers to provide users with a good range of multimedia telephones.

In the event that a mobile telephone is lost or stolen, contact the VIBO loss line.

FarEas Tone

FarEas Tone has made high-quality GSM service available to all Taiwanese people. They have a comprehensive range of monthly plans. Bills can be paid by credit card, bank transfer, postal transfer or online. They offer a pre-paid IF Card, which can be recharged at their retail outlets, online, at ATMs or by telephone.

In the event that a mobile telephone is lost or stolen, call the customer care centre.

Taiwan Mobile

Taiwan Mobile has a range of mobile services including a comprehensive range of monthly plans. Their pre-paid service can be topped up via cards bought at their stores or at major convenience stores throughout the country.

In the event of losing a Taiwan Mobile telephone, call the English-language customer service line.

Other mobile providers

Asia Pacific Telecom (in Chinese) offers mobile services and landlines in Taiwan.