Domestic Water Supply

Understand the water supply system in Taiwan and the different providers involved...

Tap water in Taiwan is safe to drink. Water (and the air) in the north of the country has a high mineral content, due to the many hot mineral springs.

In Taipei City, the public water supply is provided by the Taipei Water Department. It has a customer services department at the headquarters as well as five local offices. People wanting to connect to the water supply, to stop a service, arrange repairs or set up electronic billing should visit one of these offices.

  • For contact details for the headquarters of the Taipei Water Department and the local offices: Click here

Many services are available to customers online, including billing information, meter reading inquiries and billing receipts. Bills, which are sent every two months, can be paid at one of the department's offices, online, at banks, or at a number of major convenience stores around the city; these include 7-Eleven, Family Mart, OK and Hi-Life.

In the rest of Taiwan, water is supplied by the Taiwan Water Corporation. Connection can be arranged by telephone or by visiting the local service centre.

  • For contact details of local service centres: Click here

Bills can be paid at post offices, banks, some convenience stores, by telephone, online, by mail, or at one of the corporation's service centres.