Drinks in Taiwan

Find out about popular beverages and alcoholic drinks in Taiwan...

Tea is very popular in Taiwan and the country’s tea has a global reputation; the climate and landscape allows for many types to be grown locally. Oolong tea is the most popular in Taiwan; the four most popular teas are Dongding Oolong, Wenshan Baozhong, Pekoe Oolong and Tie Guanying.

Pearl milk tea is a popular snack drink served throughout the country. It is also known as bubble milk tea and is made from a mixture of milk, black tea and sago pearls, a chewy substance from tropical palms. It is both fragrant and refreshing.

Bubble milk shops, bottled tea drinks and imported tea bags are all becoming widespread in Taiwan.

Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking has been a major feature of Taiwanese culture for a long time; it has particularly deep roots in the business world. There are numerous bars, pubs and beer houses in Taiwan’s cities.

Taiwan beer is brewed by the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation. It is brewed from imported hops and malt as well as local rice. It has long been an iconic product in the country, and remains the most popular beer in Taiwan despite competition from imports.

Kaoliang, or sorghum liquor, which is made by fermenting and distilling sorghum, is widely drunk. It is very strong. Imported whisky and brandy are popular and in recent years red wine has been gaining in popularity; it has become synonymous with high status.