Holiday Accommodation Options in Taipei

Going on holiday in Taiwan, or taking a vacation in Taipei? Information about where to stay and the types of accommodation available...

Metropolitan Taipei offers a variety of accommodation, ranging from luxurious, international five-star hotels to youth hostels, motels, apartments and bed and breakfasts.


Taiwan uses the star rating system, from one to five stars. In addition, the Tourism Bureau in Taipei classifies top-end hotels into two categories, International Tourist and Regular Tourist hotels.

International tourist hotels are luxury hotels with a wide range of facilities and a high standard of amenities. These offer various packages as well as special promotions, which include breakfast and free use of hotel facilities. Regular tourist hotels don't have the same special services provided by international tourist hotels, but have a wide range of facilities. The majority of these hotels in Taipei are located in the city's business areas.

Some hotels in Taipei have ladies-only floors with enhanced security.

Business hotels offer simpler accommodation with breakfast included, as well as a business centre, Wi-Fi, and secretarial and laundry services.

Note: Smoking is prohibited in all hotel rooms.

Resorts offer similar facilities to hotels, but with added extras such as a beauty salon, spa and sauna.

Hot spring hotels offer hot spring water from the privacy of a guest's bathroom: simply turn on the tap and enjoy a relaxing bath. There are hotels providing this facility at Yangming Mountain, in New Beitou (Taipei City) and Wulai (New Taipei City).

Motels offer studio-style rooms with parking and private bathrooms. Breakfast is usually served, while reservations are needed for evening meals. Some motels in Metropolitan Taipei have been classified as boutique hotels and are as luxurious as five-star hotels.

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Bed and Breakfast and Guesthouses

Bed and Breakfast (minsu) accommodation is very reasonably priced. There are two categories of B&B:

  • Traditional - breakfast is at an extra charge and is served by the host; there are generally laundry facilities
  • Self-catering

Guesthouses offer a minimum number of bedrooms, a shared guest lounge, common relaxing areas, a dining area and an outdoor terraced area or a garden. Other facilities can include a library, mini-bar or restaurant. Breakfast and dinner may be available and are generally paid for in addition to the room.

Self-catering Apartments

Self-catering accommodation can be rented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. They are generally private apartments with bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom.

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are accredited by the Taiwan Youth Hostel Association (YHA), which is part of the Hostelling International (HI) network. There are over ten accredited hostels in Taipei City and three in New Taipei City. People with HI card membership qualify for a lower rate. Rooms are generally dormitory-style with beds or bunks, although private rooms are available. Showers, toilets, lounge and dining facilities are shared.


Campsites offering various amenities are located at Yangming Mountain and in Taipei City's Neihu District, as well as the Jinshan, Sanxia and Gongliao Districts (New Taipei City). The following associations can provide further information about camping:

Further Information

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