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Taipei Travel.Net is the capital’s official tourism authority and its comprehensive website covers all of Taipei’s districts, with information about accommodation, festivals, museums, archaeological sites, monuments, public transport, shopping and events.

Travel Service Centres

Set up to help travellers, these can be found at all major train and bus stations, airports, scenic sites, as well as some shopping malls. Their logo is a bright yellow circle with an “i”. Maps and brochures are available, and staff usually speak English and Japanese.

  • Travel Service Centre, Tourism Bureau  
    At: 1F-4F, 240 Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City 105, (Institute of Transportation Building)
    : 02 2717 3737
    : 08:00-19:00 daily

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has Tourist Service Centres in Terminals 1 and 2.

  • Terminal 1
    : 03 383 4631
    : 07:00-23:30 daily
  • Terminal 2
    : 03 398 3341
    : 05:30-24:00 daily
  • For information about the Tourist Service Centre at Kaohsiung International Airport: Click here
  • For a list of the Travel Service Centres in New Taipei City: Click here

New Taipei City Travel is the official tourism website of the New Taipei City Government.

The Tourist Information Hotline provides toll-free 24-hour information about holiday planning and offers emergency assistance. Operators speak Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.

  • Tourist Information Hotline: 0800 011 765

Main Tourist Attractions

Yangmingshan National Park: Also known as Yangming Mountain, this is one of Taiwan’s nine National Parks and is an important leisure area for Taipei’s citizens. The sleeping volcanic mountain area offers scenic views of Taipei Basin and landscapes such as basins, lakes, ridges, valleys and waterfalls. Classes in conservation are available, as well as walking and cycling trails, and eco-tours.

  • Yangmingshan National Park
    : 1-20 Zhuzihu Road, Beitou District, Yangmingshan, Taipei 11292
    : 02 2861 3601 / 02 2861 5741
    : 02 2861 1504

The Maokong Gondola operates from Maokong in Taipei’s Wenshan District, which is famous for its tea and scenic views of Taipei basin. The gondolas run between Taipei Zoo and Maokong, passing through Taipei Zoo South and Zhinan Temple. A special feature are the Crystal Cabins, which are made entirely of glass, with specially reinforced floors. There are also numerous roadside coffee carts, tea houses and restaurants. Viewing cherry blossoms in spring and Taipei at night are popular.

Taipei 101 is a Taipei landmark designed to resemble bamboo; it has an observatory and is home to the Taipei Stock Exchange. The building was named Taipei 101 as it has 101 floors above ground level. It is designed to counteract earthquakes and typhoons and was awarded the LEED Platinum certification in 2011. There are both indoor and outdoor observation decks: the outdoor deck has 360-degree views, but is closed during inclement weather. There are also shops, restaurants and clubs.

Tamsui in northern Taiwan is located at the Tamsui River estuary. It is a historical town with interesting sight-seeing, notably the Longshan Temple, Maritime Museum, Fort San Domingo, Huwei Fortress and the Presbyterian Church. The Blue Highway Ferry has two routes, one which runs between Da Daocheng and Danshui Wharf and the other between Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf and Bali Zou-an Wharf (Bali Left Bank). Viewing the sunset from the ferry is popular. Tamsui Old Street is famous for its cheap, mouth-watering snacks, while Zhongzheng Road specialises in antiques and handicrafts.

Night Markets: Famous for their food, the most well-known night markets in Metropolitan Taipei are Huaxi, Linjiang Street, Ningxia, Raohe Street and Shilin.


Buddhism is Taiwan’s major religion and two famous local temples are Longshan or Lungshan Temple and Xingtian Temple. Longshan Temple was built in the Qing Dynasty and is beautifully decorated. There is a shopping area around the temple with diverse shops. Xingtian Temple promotes harmony between Confucian and Buddhist beliefs. There are many fortune-telling stands in an underpass in front of the temple and it is known as Fortune Telling Street.

  • Longshan Temple
    : 211 Guangzhou Street, Taipei
    : 02 2302 5162
    : 06:00-22:00 daily
  • Xingtian Temple
    At: 109 Minquan East Road, Section 2, Taipei 10482
    : 02 2502 7924

Further Information

  • To download a free Taiwan tour guide: Click here (PDF)