Fishing in Taipei

Find out about fishing seasons and where to fish in the rivers and lakes of Taipei...

The island of Taiwan is an angler's paradise with its coastline, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, all of which are suited to different types of fishing. There are also many private fishing areas throughout the country. Both a popular sport and pastime for locals, fishing is managed by regional governments and conservation is strictly policed.

Anglers should not go fishing in bad weather, including when there are strong winds and during the East-Asian rainy season, which is from May to mid-June. The Central Weather Bureau's weather forecast is published in local newspapers, on TV and its website.

Fishing Areas

Fishing from the docks and the rocky coastline is a popular pastime. The Tamsui River is the biggest river in northern Taiwan; its source is at the confluence of the Xindian and Dahan Creeks on Taipei and New Taipei City's western boundary. It has three tributaries: the Xindian and Dahan Creeks and the Keelung River, which are home to a multitude of fish species. The Tamsui water system provides easily accessible fishing locations; however, permission to fish is required by the New Taipei City government.

The following methods are prohibited:

  • Fishing by hand
  • Using nets
  • Shooting fish
  • Poisoning fish
  • Electrocuting fish

In New Taipei City, river fishing is permitted during summer in the following areas:

  • Pinglin
  • Pingxi
  • Sungai

Pan fish and trout are popular catches in small streams and rivers, but their fishing season does vary annually. The New Taipei City government has information about the fishing season for these fish.

From June to September, fishing is permitted in the Beishi River and a fishing permit is needed. Anglers must register at the Pinglin Visitor Centre each time they want to fish. A passport or Alien Residence Card is required for registration purposes.

  • Pinglin Visitor Center
    : 187-1 Shuiliujiao, Pinglin District, New Taipei City 232
    Tel: 02 2665 8020

In Taipei City, the Waishuanghsi Stream is a well-known fishing spot, renowned for its natural scenery and clear waters, which flow down from Yangming Mountain into Waishuang Creek. However, fishing is prohibited in some areas along the creek. At Tu Di Gong Temple, though, fishing is allowed and there is a shop which sells fishing tackle at the entry to the lane.

  • Tu Di Gong Temple
    : Lane next to 360-1, Section 2, Zhishan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City 111

Nangang Park has two large ponds suitable for fishing.

  • Nangang Park
    : Lane 170, Dongxin Street, Nangang District, Taipei City 115
    Metro: Near MRT Kunyang Station, Blue Line
    Nangang Park Administration, Tel: 02 2785 3819

Anglers can also fish at Egret Lake, which is in the middle of Da Hu Park.

  • Da Hu Park
    : 31, Section 5, Chenggong Road, Neihu District, Taipei
    Tel: 02 2598 3024

Private Fishing Pools

There is an abundance of private fishing pools in Metropolitan Taipei. Shrimp, lobster, crab, groupers, freshwater and saltwater fish are usually available. As it is safe, this kind of fishing is suitable for elderly people and children. Many pools are open 24/7 and are popular for anyone looking for late-night entertainment. Guests pay per hour and get a fishing pole with two hooks as well as bait. There is also a chef on hand to cook the catch, and drinks are available.