Hiking and Walking

Find out about the hiking and walking opportunities available in Taiwan...

Hill walking or hiking is also very popular in Taiwan; much of the island is mountainous, providing endless opportunities to explore it on foot. Taiwan is home to the second highest mountain range in Asia, and many of the peaks can be ascended in a weekend trip from Taipei.

One of the most popular hikes in the Taipei region is Wuliaojian. The route involves climbing through lush forests to a narrow ridge. The ascent requires climbing fixed ropes to get to the top of a steep rock face and walking, with aid, along a very narrow ridge. To the southwest of Taipei is the Tri Mountain National Scenic Area, which is home to three mountains popular with walkers: Li Mountain, Bagua Mountain and Lion’s Head Mountain. The Taroko Gorge also offers spectacular walking scenery: valleys, gorges, rivers, waterfalls and mountains.

There is an extensive network of walking trails in Alishan, which are suitable for both day trips and multi-day treks. Popular choices are the easy walk to the summit of Chushan and the more strenuous day-long circuit to Fengshan. Good hikes are also possible in the hills around Wulai and along the Southern Highway.

The best time of year for walking on the island is autumn, when the temperature is mild and the scenery at its best.

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