Outdoor Activities in Taipei

Find out about the facilities and places to go for outdoor activities in and around Taipei...

Taipei has many areas where a range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed.

The Central Weather Bureau provides information about weather on land and at sea, including water temperatures and sea conditions, and typhoons.

Longdong Bay ePark, which offers climbing, abseiling, snorkelling, diving and fishing, is the largest bay on the north coast. With clear water and abundant marine life, including colourful tropical fish, it is a very popular spot for snorkelling, scuba diving and rock-fishing. Inside the park on its southern side is north Taiwan's premier rock-climbing destination, Longdon Cape, which features 30m high, sheer sandstone cliffs, popular with rock climbers.

Longdong South Ocean Park covers 16 hectares with Longdong Cave in the north and a port in the south. There are a number of recreational activities, such as diving, swimming and snorkelling, as well as yachting. There are also seawater swimming pools and an oceanic exhibition hall. The best period to enjoy water sports is from May to October.

The North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area in New Taipei City offers snorkelling, diving, swimming, fishing, yachting, surfing, walking and cycling. There are various types of hot springs as well.

At Yangmingshan National Park there are numerous outdoor activities, which range from hiking and walking, cycling, climbing and bird-watching, to educational field trips. It is one of Taiwan's nine National Parks and an important leisure area for Taipei's citizens. The sleeping volcanic mountain area offers scenic views of Taipei Basin and natural landscapes. There are hundreds of butterfly and bird species in the area and the Park also has hot spring resorts.

Yanliao Beach Park in Gongliao offers cycling, beach volleyball, fishing, swimming, surfing, sailing and other water activities. The largest recreational site on the North Coast, it is a popular natural and cultural area. There is a 4 Km bike route between Yanliao and Fulong.

The Yun Hsien Resort in New Taipei City offers hot springs, hiking and walking, cycling, rowing, archery, paintball shooting and field trips. Located in Wulai, which means "hot spring", the town is surrounded by mountain ranges, streams and waterfalls. The resort is famous for its cherry blossoms, butterflies and fireflies. The Yunshan Amusement Park, which is open from 08:30-17:00, is another feature.


Camp sites offer facilities for both big and small groups at affordable prices. The following areas offer camping:

  • Neihu District (Taipei City)
  • New Taipei City - Gongliao, Jinshan and Sanxia Districts
  • Yangming Mountain


To promote cycling, Taipei's governments have built cycling trails on Yangming Mountain and along river banks. In Taipei City and New Taipei City, it is possible to rent bicycles along cycling routes. Prices are affordable and bicycles are well maintained. There are also helmets for rent, as well as elbow and knee pads. An ID or a passport is needed.

Hiking and Climbing

Yangming Mountain offers excellent hiking and climbing and is only a few hours from Taipei City. It is advisable to use an experienced guide for trekking and high mountain hiking.

The Community Services Centre also organises hikes and nature exploration tours throughout the year, with an English-speaking guide.


One of Taiwan's favourite sports is surfing and there are excellent surfing locations. Professional coaches and training courses are available, and beaches have lifeguards.

Fulong Beach on the northeast coast is regarded as the cradle of surfing in Taiwan and is the nearest surfing spot to Taipei – 90 minutes’ drive away. As waves are lower here, it is particularly suitable for beginner surfers. It is also home to the Hohaiyan Gungliau Rock Festival, which has been held annually in July or August since 2000.

Shalun Bay is another surfing spot near Taipei; however, there are hidden reefs which make it risky and more suitable for experienced surfers.

Wanli and Jinshan are also popular surfing spots along the north coast.


Snakes can be a risk when cycling, hiking and climbing.

  • For information about Taiwan's poisonous and dangerous snakes: Click here and here