Exemptions and Deductions

Find out about the exemptions and deductions available to taxpayers in Taiwan...

All individuals have a tax exemption. Further deductions are given to married couples who file a joint return and to single people. Other deductions include:

  • Donations
  • Personal insurance premiums, such as for National Health Insurance
  • Some medical and maternity expenses
  • Losses from a disaster
  • Mortgage interest for an owner-occupied dwelling in the country
  • Rental expenses for the property where the taxpayer lives
  • Special deductions for pre-school children

In an attempt to attract foreigners to the country, Taiwan's Ministry of Finance allows eligible foreign professionals to class the following as deductible from taxable income:

  • Round trip travel costs for them and their dependents paid for by their employer
  • Home leave travel costs
  • Utility fees
  • The cost of relocation
  • Telephone costs
  • Cleaning fees
  • Rental costs and the amount spent renovating a rented property
  • The cost of children's education

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