Local Administration Offices in Taipei

Contact information for local administrative centres in Taipei, including where to go for Alien Resident Cards and driving licence exchange...

Government departments have much information, some of it in English, for newcomers about living in Taiwan and the capital, Taipei. If detailed information is required, it is best to call or visit the relevant department; however, English is not necessarily spoken.

The Taipei City Government website has information about events and activities, and provides services to businesses, residents and visitors.

The New Immigrants Area Taipei City website has much information about living in Taipei, jobs, healthcare, leisure, learning and social welfare.

For residents of New Taipei City, there is an International Service Centre providing translations, referral services, telephone consultation and legal services in six languages, including English.


The National Immigration Agency (NIA) offers guidance and support in adapting to Taiwanese life and the country's multi-cultural environment.

  • National Immigration Agency
    At: 15 Guangzhou Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10066
    Tel (foreigners): 0800 024 111
    Open: Monday to Friday from 08:00-17:00

Alien Resident Cards (ARCs) are issued to foreigners in Taiwan. An ARC is an identity card and provides proof of an individual’s residency status.

To apply for an ARC, go in person to a local service centre of the National Immigration Office.

The Handy Guide for Foreigners in Taiwan is published in English and Chinese. The booklet contains information about visas, transport, food, shopping, healthcare, banking services, employment and investment, as well as education.

  • To download the Guide (PDF): Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page

It is also available in print from some bookstores and universities.

Driving Licences

Applications to exchange a licence are made at a local Motor Vehicles Office. The foreign licence must be exchanged within one year of arrival in Taiwan.

  • For contact details of the Taipei Motor Vehicles Office: Click here


Residents of Taipei City have their taxes collected by the Taipei National Tax Administration.

  • For contact details and addresses of tax offices in Taipei City: Click here
  • For tax offices in New Taipei City: Click here

Other Ministries

Other ministries in Taipei City which may be of relevance to foreigners living in Taiwan are: