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Taiwan has four major airports providing regular international flights.

The biggest and busiest international airport in the country is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Dayuan Township, northern Taiwan. It is one of two airports to serve Taipei. There are regular flights to destinations throughout Asia and Oceania, as well as to Europe and North America.

The airport has fast efficient public transport links with the surrounding area. There is a high speed rail system which connects it to all major cities. It can be accessed via a shuttle bus link to Taoyuan Station. Tickets for the shuttle bus should be purchased before boarding, either at Taoyuan Station or in the arrivals lobby at either airport terminal. The airport also has regular bus services to destinations throughout the region.

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Taxis are available outside the arrivals halls of both terminals 24 hours a day. They transport passengers anywhere in Taiwan and charge set standard fees.

Taipei Songshan Airport, or Taipei International Airport, is Taipei’s second biggest airport; however, most international flights are through the Taoyuan airport. Scheduled flights are available to destinations throughout Taiwan, mainland China, Japan and South Korea. The airport is easily accessible from the city centre by bus and the Taipei metro; taxis are available outside the terminal building. A bus service connects the airport to Taoyuan Airport.

Kaohsiung International Airport is in Kaohsiung City in the southwest of the country. Flights from the airport go to destinations throughout Asia. The airport is on the city metro network, which connects it with the city as well as to the main train system and the bus network. There are also intercity bus services operating directly from the airport, and taxis are available.

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Taichung Airport is the fourth airport in Taiwan offering international services, although most flights are domestic or to outlying islands.

Taiwan has a well developed domestic flight network, with 17 airports serving the country and surrounding islands. Approval has been granted for some of these airports to offer international charter flights.