Drinking and Driving

Understand the blood alcohol laws in Taiwan...

Driving while intoxicated, either from drinking alcohol or taking drugs is against the law in Taiwan. It is illegal to drive with an elevated blood alcohol level, or to drive after taking drugs, sedatives, hallucinogens or other controlled substances.

The current legal blood alcohol limit is 0.25mg per litre.

Drivers found to be intoxicated are fined, have their vehicle impounded and their driving licence suspended for one year. If their behaviour results in an injury to others, their licence is suspended for two years.

Drivers who kill, or cause serious injury have their driving licence taken away. They are not eligible to apply for another one.

Any driver who refuses to take an alcohol or drugs test must pay a fine; their driving licence is also suspended and their vehicle impounded.

The Road Traffic Safety Portal has information on drunk driving prevention.