Parking in Taiwan

Understand the parking regulations when driving in Taiwan...

A vehicle is considered to have been illegally parked in the following situations:

  • The vehicle is left unattended and parked dangerously on major roads and within ten metres of a junction
  • The vehicle is parked in a bus zone or at the entrance to markets or car parks
  • The vehicle is parked in a restricted space or at a red or yellow curb
  • The vehicle is double-parked
  • The vehicle is left in a manner which obstructs the flow of traffic, or is dangerous, following an accident or breakdown
  • The vehicle is parked in any other manner which is dangerous or disturbs traffic flow

All fines for parking violations should be paid within the time limit given on the ticket. Some tickets require the holder to visit a local traffic office to pay the fine; other fines can be paid online, at banks or by mail.

Vehicles parked illegally in Taiwan are ticketed, towed or impounded at the owner’s expense.

When a vehicle is towed, it is taken to an impoundment lot and the owner is left a car-tow note (marked in crayon on the ground where the vehicle was parked) detailing where the car is being held. To get the vehicle back, the owner must pay all the fees owed; the total increases the longer the vehicle is held. The amount owed and the deadline for payment are given on the car-tow note. Owners should get a receipt when they pay to have their car released.