Parking in Taipei

Information about parking in Taipei and an overview of the main parking regulations...

Parking is at a premium in Taipei and vehicles can only be parked in a designated parking area. Space is limited so there are parking lots in addition to kerbside parking. Traffic wardens are active and fines are costly.

  • For information about parking lots in Taipei City: Click here
  • To find a Parking Management Office in New Taipei City: Click here

Parking Fees

Parking is usually charged hourly and monthly parking subscriptions are available as well. Most parking lots have self-service machines. A ticket is issued at the entrance and pay machines are near the exit. Some parking lots allow payment of parking at convenience stores.

  • For information about parking fees: Click here
  • For queries about parking fees, Tel: 02 2726 9600

Restricted Parking

Yellow and red lines along the edge of the road indicate where motorists may and may not park.

  • A yellow line indicates that parking is restricted at certain times. Parking is usually prohibited from 07:00 to 20:00, and a permit is needed to park between 20:00 and 07:00
  • A red line indicates that neither a temporary stop nor parking is permitted. A motorist who violates a red line will be fined

Parking Fines

A parking fine is placed on the windscreen or mailed to the driver's residential address. A fine must be paid before the deadline at one of the following places:

  • Convenience stores - Family Mart, 7-11, OK Mart, Hi-Life Mart, Simple Mart and TWNCH
  • China Post in Taipei City and New Taipei City

An overdue fine can only be paid at branches of the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office.

Further Information