Road Traffic Accidents in Taiwan

Information on what to do if you are involved in a car accident in Taiwan: who to call and how to fill in the accident report document for insurance after a car crash...

In the event of a traffic accident in which people have been either injured or killed the police and emergency medical services should be called, using the following numbers:

  • Police - 110
  • Emergency medical assistance – 119

When calling the police, the time that the accident took place and the location should be clearly stated. The police also need to know about the vehicles involved and whether any injuries have occurred. The caller will be required to give their name and address, as well as a contact telephone number; they should then wait for the police to arrive.

No changes to the accident scene should be made before the arrival of the police and a safety marker (warning triangle) should be placed behind the vehicles involved to warn oncoming drivers. If there have been no deaths and only minor injuries then the positions of the vehicles involved can be marked and the vehicles moved, if possible, to the side of the road. In more serious accidents all vehicles involved should remain in place.

Compensation and Insurance Claims

In the event of an accident that doesn’t involve fatalities or significant injuries, those involved can agree compensation or settlements for any damage done to the vehicles involved between them. However, it is advisable to contact the insurance provider immediately after the accident and a claim form should be completed to start compensation procedures. The accident is then investigated by the insurance companies, and both parties have to agree on the outcome.

Police investigations always occur after accidents involving a fatality. If people have been injured in an accident then the individuals involved have a period of six months to request an investigation from the criminal investigation division of the police department or the prosecutors’ office of the district court with jurisdiction over the area where the accident took place.

Police Accident Assessments

The official police report is made available 30 days after the accident occurred and can be obtained from the “traffic handling section” of the local traffic police department.