Bus and Coach Travel in Taiwan

Information on getting around the country using the bus and coach networks...

There are many long distance bus services in Taiwan; they offer a cheaper alternative to flying or travelling by train, and are run by private companies. Some companies offer 24 hour services. The main bus companies include:

Bus companies offer a range of services and comfort levels. Tickets can be purchased in advance from travel agents. Many companies have offices near the main train stations in Taiwan’s cities.

All towns and cities in Taiwan have municipal bus networks. Bus stops often have signs showing the route of the buses that stop there, and buses often have their destinations written in English at the front of the bus. In the capital, Taipei, and in Kaohsiung in southwest Taiwan, the buses are linked to the city metro services.

In Taipei the bus network is run by the city government. Their website allows people to search bus routes, find timetable information and get real-time information on the city’s bus services.

The bus service in Kaohsiung connects stops and stations around the city.