Public Transport in and Around Taipei

Details and contact information on the regional and city bus transport system, metro, taxis and ferries...

There are a number of transport options in the metropolitan area of Taipei, including a MRT metro system, a government-run bus service, taxis and ferries.


Taipei’s MRT metro system is run by Taipei Rapid Transport Corporation (TRTC). It is efficient, convenient and easy for foreigners to navigate as station names are displayed in English as well as Chinese. Note: Smoking, drinking (except for water) and chewing gum are prohibited in all MRT trains and stations.

  • Taipei Rapid Transport Corporation
    At: 7, Lane 48, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., 10448, Taipei City, Taiwan
    Tel: 02 2536 3001
    Open: 08:30-12:30 and 13:30-17:30, Monday to Friday

Travel Passes

EasyCard: In addition to single-journey tickets, a one day MRT pass and a prepaid electronic smart card known as an EasyCard are available. The EasyCard can be used for travel on the MRT metro system and on Taipei City/New Taipei City buses. The card is passed over the EasyCard sensor on entering and leaving the MRT metro stations or buses, and the fare is automatically deducted.

An EasyCard allows a 20 percent reduction on the cost of each journey and an extra reduction on bus tickets bought within one hour of transfer from an MRT station and vice versa. Cards can be purchased and renewed from all metro stations as well as the EasyCard Customer Service Centre at Taipei Main Station.

EasyCard can also be used as payment for a variety of other services including taxis, government-run (and some private) car parks, and as payment at some designated stores.

  • For details of the possible applications of the EasyCard: Click here

Taipei Pass: These tourist passes can be purchased for one, two, three, or five days and allow unlimited access to the MRT metro system and rides on Taipei City/New Taipei City buses carrying the Taipei Pass sticker. There is also a one day version that includes Gondola rides in the city. They can be purchased at any metro station.

Disabled Passengers

Most stations have elevators and wheelchairs available for use by disabled passengers. In addition, special ticket gates for the disabled, wheelchair accessible ticket vending machines, waiting areas for wheelchair passengers, tactile guide paths for the visually impaired, toilet facilities for disabled and elderly passengers, and payphones for the disabled or wheelchair passengers are available at every station. If extra assistance is required, for example in the processing of tickets for senior citizens, disabled, and disabled escort cardholders, passengers should contact the customer service centre at the station.

Lost and Found

Claims for lost property can either be made by filling out a request form at a station information centre or by contacting the Lost and Found Service Centre.

  • Lost and Found Service Centre
    At: Metro Taipei Main Station B3 Level (Next to Information Counter No.1)
    Tel: 02 2389 4710

Travelling With Animals

Animals are allowed onto MRT metro trains and stations provided that they are carried in small pet containers or cages. This restriction does not apply to police dogs or certified guide dogs accompanying a blind or visually impaired person.

  • For more information about the regulations concerning travelling with a pet: Click here

Travelling With a Bicycle

Bicycles can be taken on certain routes and stations between 06:00 and the end of service on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

  • For more information about the bicycle routes and access stations available: Click here

Further Information

  • For more information on the operating hours of the MRT metro lines: Click here
  • For a route map of the MRT metro lines: Click here
  • For MRT metro timetable information: Click here
  • For information about MRT metro fares and travel times between stations: Click here

Bus Services

The bus network in Taipei is run by the city government. Its website allows people to search for bus routes, get timetable information and to get real-time information on the city’s bus services. The network is jointly operated by over a dozen separate bus transport companies serving the greater metropolitan area of Taipei, although they have a common ticketing process, fare structure and route numbering system.

  • For more information about the Taipei e-bus system: Click here

Tickets and fares

Bus fares are calculated by the number of sections of the bus route that are travelled through. There are three tiers of payment – for one-section, two-section and three-section journeys. Payment is usually made on boarding the bus and then again on leaving, if a section barrier has been passed through. Passengers may pay using cash or EasyCard. Note: The exact fare is necessary when paying in cash (coins only), and change is not given.


The Taipei Public Transportation Office operates a taxi dispatch service hotline which is free if used from a local landline. The service is provided in English and Chinese.

  • Tel: 0800 055 850 / Cell phone 55850 (call charges apply)
  • For more information: Click here

Many of the taxis companies operating in Taipei also accept EasyCard as payment.

  • For information about how taxi fares are calculated: Click here


There is a ferry service operating from Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf across the Tamsui (formerly Danshui) River to Bali Zou-an Wharf.