Applying for a Work Permit in Taiwan

Information about how to apply for a work permit so that you are legally entitled to work in Taiwan...

Work permit applications are generally made by the employer, who submits the necessary documents to the National Immigration Agency. The application must be submitted in Chinese.

The documents needed to support a work permit application vary according to the type of employment. Generally, the following documents are needed:

  • Photocopy of the applicant’s passport
  • Documentary evidence of the applicant’s previous work experience, provided by the applicant’s previous employers
  • Photocopies of the applicant’s education certificates
  • Copy of an employment contract
  • Copy of the employer’s identity card
  • Recent passport photographs of the applicant
  • Permission documents from a legal agent if the applicant is less than 20 years old
  • Students: a school report which shows their recent grades

A comprehensive list of documents needed for different jobs is given on the website of the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training. All documents need to be translated into Chinese by a certified translator.

An application usually takes up to two weeks to be processed.

On receiving their work permit, the person must ensure that the visa they applied for is relevant. For stays in Taiwan exceeding six months, a work visa is needed, and a work permit is needed as part of the work visa application. Once this visa has been issued, and after arrival in Taiwan, an application for an Alien Resident Certificate must be made at the foreign affairs department of the local police office.

Employment PASS Cards

Employment PASS Cards are issued by Taiwan's National Immigration Agency, or NIA. They are awarded to foreigners working in professional or technical fields and are equivalent to a work permit, an Alien Resident Certificate and a re-entry permit.

Applications for an Employment PASS Card can be made before arriving in Taiwan; they should be submitted to a Republic of China consulate or representative office. The employer of applicants already in the country can submit an application on their behalf to the NIA. The following people qualify for an Employment PASS Card:

  • Technical and professional workers
    Executives working for an enterprise formed by foreigners with government approval
    Teachers in public or private schools at college level or above
    Teachers in schools for foreign residents
  • Foreign language teachers at senior high level or above
  • Full time foreign language teachers in short term supplementary schools
  • Athletes and coaches
  • Performing artists
  • Religious and art workers
  • Researchers and consultants employed by the government or academic research institutions

The documents needed to apply for an Employment card are the same as for work permits and an Alien Resident Card.

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