Speed Limits and Types of Roads

Understand the different speed limits and types of road in Taiwan...

Taiwan’s mountainous regions are criss-crossed by many narrow, winding roads. They make for hazardous driving conditions and frequently become impassable after heavy rains.

Speed Limits

Speed limits vary according to the type of road. Standard speed limits are:

  • Freeways: 100 Km/h, although some sections of the freeway can be lower
  • Roads without lanes, or slow lanes separated by a solid white line: 40 Km/h
  • Other roads and lanes: 50 Km/h
  • Approaching roadworks or a toll booth: 60 Km/h

Road Signs and Numbers

Most Taiwanese road signs have internationally recognisable symbols. However, street and place names are generally only given in Chinese.

  • For an example of road signs from the Directorate of Highways - Ministry of Transportation: Click here

Roads have a numbering system:

  • Roads running north-south usually have odd numbers
  • Roads running east-west usually have even numbers

Types of Roads

There are four types of roads in Taiwan:

  1. Township routes
  2. National highways: numbered 1-10
  3. Provincial highways: numbered 1-28 and 61-88
  4. County routes: numbered 101-205

Toll Roads

Taiwan’s freeways are tolled. It is possible to pay in cash, while pre-paid tickets can be bought at local convenience stores.

  • For information about freeways and tolls in Taiwan: Click here