Activities for Toddlers in Thailand

Find out about the services, activities and help available to you and your children in Thailand...

Finding other people with pre-school children

Toddler groups do exist and can be found in the local media or through word of mouth. The groups tend to be informal and within the community.

Nurseries and day care centres in the area are great resources to connect with other parents of toddlers.

Out and about with toddlers

Thailand has many parks and recreation areas with play areas specifically for toddlers. These are free but can vary greatly in quality. It is wise to check the equipment before allowing children to play because some areas may be dangerous. For example, the surface underneath the equipment is often not made of a soft material in order to cushion falls.

In some of the parks there are wading pools and even small water slides for toddlers. There are government swimming pools in most provinces that only charge a very small fee. Many parents join a local commercially run club that will have facilities for both parents and toddlers.

Many local superstores such as Big C Supercenter and Tesco Lotus, have an indoor commercial play area, usually near the food court.

Public transport is available in major cities throughout Thailand, but is less frequent in rural areas. Children under a certain age and height can sometimes travel free or pay reduced rates, but check with each individual transport company.

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