Child Benefit in Thailand

Find out how to claim child benefit and who can claim tax allowances for child care expenses...

Child benefit is paid to anyone working in Thailand who has made contributions to the Social Security Fund for at least one year. The contributions are usually paid by the employer. The child must be under the age of six and there is a two-child maximum limit. Child benefit is managed by the Social Security Office and is paid quarterly at the end of each quarter.

Any company can register an employee for the Social Security Fund. After a full year of contributions, the employee can submit an application (SorPorSor. 201) for child assistance benefit at the Social Security Office along with:

  • Both parents' passports or Citizenship Identity Card, if spouse is Thai
  • A copy of either the Certificate of Marriage or Certificate of Divorce
  • A copy of the child's Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the first page of the savings account which shows the name and account number, if collecting the benefit through the bank

Childcare Expenses

Traditionally in Thailand the parents and their extended families take care of children from birth to primary school and help with the costs associated with child care. This is still very much the case but more parents are seeking the government's help. Policies have been considered but are still being discussed and little has actually been implemented.

Child allowance tax exemptions can be used if the child is under 25 years of age and is studying at an educational institution or is declared incompetent. The amount allowed is THB 15,000 for each child, but limited to three children maximum.

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