Alcohol and Drugs

Find out about the laws in place related to alcohol and drugs...

Teenagers and alcohol

In Thailand alcoholic drinks may not be bought by anyone under 18, but there is no minimum age for the consumption of alcohol. Teenagers will normally be required to show proof of age when buying alcohol.

The legal age for entering a club or a disco is 20 years. Young-looking Thais are typically asked for their ID when attempting to enter a bar, club or disco and foreign teenagers, if asked, are required to provide proof of age.

Teenagers and drugs

Drugs used in Thailand are predominantly cannabis and methamphetamines, locally known as ya baa or "crazy pills". Cocaine, heroin and ecstasy are also used.

A number of violent crimes have been committed while the perpetrators were high on drugs. There are also numerous auto accidents reported in Thailand involving teenagers using drugs. Drugs education is included in schools and students learn about types, compositions and effects as well as the consequences of taking drugs.

Those caught with illegal drugs face harsh penalties. Most drug offences will result in a severe fine and more than likely, jail time. Drug trafficking can result in a life sentence without the possibility of parole.