Teenage Pregnancy

Find out about Thailand's attitude to counselling and teenagers’ health and pregnancy...

There are sex education programmes in Thai schools and the Thai government has a very successful AIDS/HIV awareness campaign.

Thai law states that the age of sexual consent is 15 (article 277 and 279 of the Thai Criminal Code). However the laws in Thailand can be interpreted to allow prosecution for sex between an adult and a person under 18, which means that many consider the age of consent to be 18. If prostitution is involved, the legal age of consent is 18 years and the customer must be 20.

The Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand has a number of clinics throughout the country and can give advice on family planning issues.

In Thailand abortion is illegal except in the following cases:

  • To save life
  • To preserve physical or mental health
  • If the pregnancy is due to rape or incest

Only a fully qualified medical practitioner is allowed to carry out the termination and it is not available at all hospitals. A legal procedure has to be followed in order to get the necessary paperwork to submit to the doctor.


The Thai government has introduced measures to inform teenagers about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. In most major provinces there is a campaign for safe sex and routine distribution of literature on teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.