Registering the Marriage

Find out about the procedure and what to expect when getting married in Thailand...

Marriage registration can be completed at any District Office nationwide. A marriage certificate is issued after the paperwork has been completed. There is no ceremony. The paperwork and marriage certificate are in Thai and it's unlikely that anyone will speak English but a translator is allowed to help. District Offices are open Monday to Friday from 08:30-16:00 except on public holidays. It is not possible to book a time to complete the procedure and there can be a queue. A witness is required but this can be someone else in the queue or another official.

It is possible to register a marriage at any location under the supervision of the local District Office, if both parties are unable to attend at that office. The parties filing for marriage are required to provide transport for the Registrar and there will be a fee.

On completion of the marriage registration a copy of the Marriage Registration Certificate is given to both partners. Thai law only recognises the validity of a civil ceremony. A couple may choose to follow the civil service with a religious ceremony if they wish but it will have no legal significance.

Recording a Marriage Outside of Thailand

There is no legal obligation to have a marriage recorded outside of Thailand. The Embassies can arrange for the Thai marriage certificate to be deposited at the relevant registration offices in the home country.

Replacement of Lost Marriage Certificate

To get a new, original marriage certificate, visit the Amphur or Khet (district office) where the original certificate was issued. Proof of identity (passport or ID card) is required.

If it is not possible to visit the original district office, any Amphur or Khet can issue a temporary copy (passport or ID card are required), which can be used until a visit can be made to the original government office.

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