The School Year and Holidays

What to expect from the school day and the school year in Thailand...

Government school times do vary but the school day usually starts at 08:30 when the National Anthem is sung. It ends at around 15:30. International schools may have differing start and finish times depending on the school.

Private international schools each have different dates for the school vacations. However, they are more likely to follow the Western timetable with a five-week holiday in July and August and two weeks for both Christmas and Easter. Contact the school for exact dates.

All Thai state schools follow the same school year but there will be slight variations between individual schools and provinces. Contact the school for exact information.

There are two main holidays in the state-school year:

  • October: One month starting from around 1 October
  • March and April: Two months starting approximately at the beginning of March until the end of April

Thai schools close for all national holidays. In general, international schools close for Thai religious holidays, check with the school for exact information.

Home Schooling

Home schooling in Thailand is legal. Parents must submit an application to home school to the Ministry of Education. Students are required to take national exams and are assessed annually.

Further Information