Medical Tourism in Thailand

Thailand is a world centre for medical tourism. Find out about the treatments available, including both necessary and elective procedures, and the hospitals and medical centres that offer them...

Medical tourism is generally defined as when a patient travels outside of their country of origin (or residence) for the specific purpose of receiving medical care. Thailand is a popular destination for medical tourists for various reasons, some of which can be attributed to the value and cost ratio. Most visitors who arrive in Thailand for the specific purpose of medical care choose to stay in Bangkok, as many of the city’s top international hospitals have the  facilities and systems that directly cater to the medical tourist.

Choosing a Hospital

Once you’ve decided to travel to Thailand for medical care, the first step would be to research the nation’s hospitals and settle on one that is best aligned with your needs and budget. Most hospitals will work with you to arrange your travel, with some offering services starting from the airport all the way to the doctor’s office. Details such as dates of treatment, location, accommodation, payment, insurance claims, and all post-treatment procedures can be arranged through your chosen medical facility or through a tour operator specializing in medical tourism.


Everything from general check-ups, joint and spine treatment, cancer treatment, chronic illness, pediatrics up to cosmetic surgery and gender reassignment are all available in most of Thailand’s hospitals.

Surgery and Post-treatment Care

Surgical packages will specify what services are included and will outline among other things, the number of days included for post-treatment care at the hospital, equipment available, room type, meal plan and medical tests. Any additional days spent in the hospital or any optional extras will be charged to the patient.

Hospitals have a selection of accommodation, often ranging from shared rooms to luxurious suites. They obviously vary in price and availability. After surgery, the patient may stay longer than the included post-operative care specifies, as long as the bed is available and they have the funds to pay. Generally, the level of care and attention before, during and after treatment is very high in Thailand.

Follow-up care

After treatment, how long you choose to stay in recovery, or how you arrange your post-treatment care, is up to you and your budget. The international private hospitals can arrange everything from immigration paperwork to follow-up instructions in your home country and insurance claim. Usually, people choose to stay in hotels and continue their after-care or physical therapy appointments from there instead of traveling back home very soon after treatment, especially for more complicated cases or those recovering from major surgery.

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