Pharmacies and Dentists in Thailand

Where to find pharmacies and dental treatment in Thailand...


There are a large number of private pharmacies around Bangkok, easily seen on almost any street corner in the cities.

Common medications such as pain killers and antibiotics do not require a prescription and can be purchased from most independent pharmacies. However, when it comes to real prescription medications, it is in your best interest to make sure that your sources of medication is as reputable as possible.

Medication distribution is not strictly regulated in Thailand, so vigilance is the responsibility of the consumer. The issues of counterfeit medications, counteraction with your existing prescriptions, storage conditions such as optimum temperature control, and other issues are the responsibility of the patient. Getting your medicine from your hospital’s pharmacy is the best way to make sure that you’re getting the right medicine under the right circumstances. At these pharmacies, it is also possible to fulfill a prescription from your home country. If using your hospital’s pharmacy is not an option, then stick to reputable clinics and internationally-recognized pharmacies such as Boots, Watson’s and the like.

Pharmacists in Thailand can often recommend medicines and prescribe treatments. Drugs such as antibiotics or pain killers may be given by pharmacists without a prescription.

Dental Procedures

There are several dental clinics located all over Thailand, offering varying degrees of specialization. Some have a concentration of cosmetic services such as whitening and veneers. The majority of dental service providers can communicate in English, especially those found in Bangkok and other major metropolitan areas.

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