Disability Benefits in Thailand

Understand what financial aid is available to people with disabilities...

There are few funds available for disabled persons.

Registered Thai nationals with disabilities are entitled to free medical rehabilitation services. The primary source of assistance to disabled people in Thailand is through community-based help from Non-Governmental Organisations, but these are generally available for disabled Thai nationals only.

The Thai Government, through the National Office for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (NEP), introduced a monthly payment of THB 500 for each registered Thai person with disability (PWDs) in April 2011. PWDs apply through NEP Bangkok and provincial offices.

Education For Children with Disabilities

Legally, all disabled persons are entitled to 12 years of free, basic education. However, the vast majority of schools in Thailand do not cater for disabled children. As a result, a child with a disability attends a special school which caters only to children with similar disabilities. Not many schools cater to disabled children so it is not always easy for children with disabilities to get an education.

Training For Disabled People

  • For programmes and courses offering training to the physically and mentally disabled visit Thai disabled blogspot.