Travel and Getting Around for People with Disabilities in Thailand

Information on travelling options for people with disabilities in Thailand...

Thailand is not an easy place to visit for people with reduced mobility or other disabilities. The larger resorts and tourist attractions provide facilities for disabled people but in rural areas public transport is limited and often inaccessible to wheelchair users.

Moving around urban areas of Thailand can be extremely difficult for disabled people. The streets and pavements are uneven and often blocked with shop advertising boards. Very few buildings provide ramps and handrails to aid disabled access. Guide dogs are rare and there are no audio signals for the blind on traffic crossings. Many doors are too narrow for wheelchairs to pass through.

Public Transport

Public transport is not usually equipped to facilitate disabled access. Public buses are inaccessible to wheelchair users. Disabled people are usually forced to travel through the cities by taxi. However, few taxi drivers are experienced or trained in helping a wheelchair-bound customer in and out of their cars. Some wheelchair taxis are available in Bangkok.

Sky Train (BTS) stations in Bangkok are on two levels, with ticketing on the lower level and the trains on the upper, making access difficult for wheelchair users. Few of the stations provide disabled access although plans are in hand for elevators to be built at other stations.

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority (MRTA) has better disabled access and all of the stations have elevators. Assistance will be given to disabled passengers if requested. On the trains there are locks for wheelchairs.

The national rail network has no special facilities for disabled passengers but assistance will be given to those who ask.

Wheel Chair Tours is a website for travellers to Thailand. It includes details of hotels and accommodation with disabled facilities as well as travel services.

Mobility Aids

Some cities offer wheel chair or Accessible mobility scooters and portable three/four wheel mobilty scooter hire.

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