Maternity Leave in Thailand

Information about maternity leave entitlement for mothers in Thailand...

In Thailand, an expecting mother is protected under the Labour Protection Act of 1998. Women employees are entitled to the following:

  • 90 days of maternity leave including any holidays in that period
  • Full pay: 45 days from the employer and 45 days from the Social Welfare Fund
  • With a doctor's certificate a temporary change of duties either before and/or after the child's birth is allowed
  • Protection from termination of employment due to pregnancy

Note: To be entitled to paid maternity leave, the woman must have paid contributions to the Social Welfare Fund for at least seven months before pregnancy. All forms and applications are made in Thai.

Employers in Thailand are not required to provide medical benefits for pre-natal and post-natal care and childbirth, childcare provisions or breaks for breastfeeding.

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