The Birth

Find out what your options are when the time comes for the birth of the baby...

Most hospitals have modern facilities and a hospital is the usual location for a birth unless the mother lives in a very rural area. Caesarean deliveries may be popular and time efficient for the hospital staff but the choice of delivery should remain with the mother and it is recommended that she discuss this with her gynaecologist.

Home births are neither standard nor encouraged in Thai hospitals. However they are becoming more sought after, so this might change in the future. A gynaecologist will have up-to-date knowledge. In some cases, insurance policies may not cover all expenses related to home births.

Some private hospitals offer natural births and Samitivej Hospital also offers water births.

All nurses do six months of midwifery as part of their standard training. Although some then specialise in midwifery, they are generally given very little responsibility as the obstetrician will carry out the birth.

It is common for the mother to stay in the hospital for two to three days after the birth depending on what she has agreed on with the hospital prior to the birth and any complications during it.