Tabien Baan: Thailand House Registration Document

Information on this useful document which demonstrates occupancy at a property...

The Tabien Baan, or House Registration Document, is issued by the municipality. It shows who lives at a property (it is not proof of property ownership). It can be issued to residents of Thailand who:

  1. Buy a lease hold which is registered at the land office.
  2. Own land through a company or buy a condo.

A Tabien Baan is useful - and sometimes required - when applying for services. Either the occupant or landlord's document is accepted.

Applying for a Tabien Baan

A Tabien Baan can be applied for or updated at the local Amphur office (or Khet in Bangkok).

Resident foreigners are entitled to a Tabien Baan; the following are required:

  • Passport and valid visa
  • Plus:
    • Condo title with their name on it
    • Or land lease with their name on it
    • Or land title with company name on it (in this case all the company documents will be needed)

A Tabien Baan is issued bearing the owner's name, except in the case for foreigners when it may only have the location of the property.

On moving out of a property, the Tabien Baan should be given to the new occupants. Take it to the Amphur or Khet (in Bangkok) where an official will enter that the old occupiers have moved out and add the names of the new occupiers.

Although people may stay on the same Tabien Baan for life, it must be issued by the province in which they are resident if they wish to vote. A new Tabien Baan is always needed by the new owners after buying property.