Finding a Property

How to go about finding a house or apartment to rent in Thailand...

Properties can easily be found:

  • With the help of real estate agents
  • By looking for rental signs on the property
  • By checking the property section in the local newspapers and reading bulletins boards


Real estate agencies

There are many real estate agencies throughout Thailand; some are members of the Thai Real Estate Association or the Real Estate Broker Association. Make sure that fees do not have to be paid until they have found a suitable property. Most fees are paid by the landlord and not the tenant.

Signs and bulletins

One of the best ways to find a house or an apartment in Thailand is to simply pinpoint an area and drive around looking at signs on buildings. The signs are usually handwritten in English with a telephone number posted prominently on them.

Bulletins for rental properties are often posted at major grocery and department stores.

Types of Property

There are plenty of furnished rooms, apartments, condominiums and houses for rent in Thailand. The majority of rental rooms have a bed, television, wardrobe and many come with a refrigerator. Some have a fully equipped kitchen.

It is relatively easy to find a fully furnished house although they tend to be more expensive. Many landlords will be willing to provide basic furnishings on request, including a rice cooker, a refrigerator, and a bed. However, those planning to stay for more than a year or so may find it works out cheaper to buy the furnishings they need and rent a less expensive, unfurnished property.

Further Information