Find out how to get utilities connected in your rented accommodation...

In Thailand, most apartment rentals will cover main services. Utilities such as electricity and water will be measured in terms of unit usage and added onto the monthly rent. It is a good idea to know what the landlord's policy is prior to moving in. Have each utility outlined with its price in the rental agreement as unit costs can be higher than the rates charged by the utility companies.

Those renting a house and not an apartment will be able to have the utilities placed in their name. This can be done by providing the utility company with a lease agreement and a proof of ownership document that should be provided by the landlord.

Most utility bills can be paid directly from the tenant's bank account. Utility bills can also be paid at the local 7-11 shop.


In Bangkok the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) is the distributor, while the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) sells electricity in the rest of Thailand.

If the landlord is not arranging electricity, contact the local government office in the region responsible for electricity to connect or disconnect power to a home. At least one week's notice is required.


There is no mains gas in Thailand. LPG (Propane) is used mainly for cooking and is provided in different sized cylinders that are widely available. If the rented property has appliances that operate on gas (stove), the tenant can have a gas cylinder delivered to their house or apartment and connected to the stove.


Usually this is arranged through the landlord and included in the monthly rental. Where it is the tenant's responsibility it is necessary to telephone or visit one of the branch offices of the appropriate water authority. At least one week's notice is required for connection or disconnection.


It is normally easier for the landlord to arrange a telephone connection. However, if the tenant is responsible for doing this they should visit the telephone company office with proof of ID and residence. The telephone company will also want to see a letter from the landlord and a copy of their house registration book (Tabien Baan).