Going Online in Thailand

The Internet options available to you in your home in Thailand...

Internet usage is expanding rapidly in Thailand, as is the list of providers. This is a list of Thailand's Internet service providers:

Dial-up connection

Many service providers give options for low-use Internet users such as dial-up accounts. These packages are sold at provider shops (such as 7 ELEVEN) or mobile phone shops found all over Thailand. Users receive a dial-up number, a security PIN , and a limited time of usage.

ADSL Broadband Connection

ADSL or broadband is available in most cities in Thailand but rural areas may not have access, however, other options are available for a premium such as satellite and fibre optic dedicated line services.

Following are the ADSL Broadband suppliers:

Getting a broadband connection

Service providers don't have access to all areas. Firstly, a check must be made to see if a connection is possible.

To establish an account the following documents are required:

  • Passport
  • Valid visa
  • A copy of work permit (if applicable) or Certificate of Residence issued by Thai Immigration or Letter of residence from the person's embassy certified and translated into Thai

Note: Usually, a fixed telephone line will be an added bonus when broadband is connected so there is no need for a second telephone connection.

Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Wi-Fi hot spots are an ever increasing trend across Thailand. Wi-Fi is available in coffee shops and many other venues such as Central Department Stores and McDonalds. Customers access the Internet for an hourly fee or for free as long as they buy products or services from the supplier. It is also possible to get monthly contracts or prepaid cards that include Wi-Fi access from the mobile phone or ADSL companies such as AIS, DTAC, True or 3BB.